Concept 2 Rowing Machine Buyers Guide

Your husband wants to stay in shape…

Rowing is great for just about everyone, simple mechanics, minimal strain on joints and incredibly high calorie-burning motion. If you have already decided that the Concept 2 Rowing Machine is for you, you have made a great choice. Below I will cover some of the reasons why Concept 2 is a great choice to get in shape, not just for your husband, it will benefit everyone in the home.

Quick Overview of Concept 2 Rowing Machine

Concept2 Model E with PM5 Performance Monitor Indoor Rower Rowing Machine Gray
  • Black or Grey: The Concept 2 rowing machine is available in two colors, black or grey.
  • Easy Setup: Arrives in one large box, all major parts are assembled, a few simple screws and you’re done.
  • Easy Fold Up Storage: The Concept 2 can be easily put away in a corner, two pieces, small footprint.
  • Minimal Digital Stuff: Unlike all the new tech, Concept 2 is very minimal, just start rowing, that’s it.
  • Comfortable Seating: After many years, the seat is still comfortable, you may want a gel seat pad.
  • Strong Quality: The Concept 2 is lightweight but built like a tank, superior quality in parts.
  • Minimal Noise: More a fan-like whooshing, so if people are still sleeping, they might dream of the ocean.

Why Concept 2 Is A Great Choice

Rowing is an effective full-body workout with very low-impact on your joints, who doesn’t love less joint pain right? Engineered with an ultra-low noise flywheel, resistance on every pull is consistent and smooth. Sometimes when using other row machines, movement can become jerky or too slack, causing an uneven tension when pulling. The Concept 2 engineers put a lot of work and great thinking into each detail, below I will describe a few.

Concept2 Model E with PM5 Performance Monitor Indoor Rower Rowing Machine Black

No Plugin Outlet Required

You now have the freedom to place to use your row machine anywhere. You don’t have to worry about having to place your row machine next to an outlet for power. The Concept 2 is powered by two D cell batteries. The best part is during your workout, power is drawn from the spinning flywheel for your display, helping extend your battery life.

Perfect Seat Height

Getting on your rower is a simple as taking a seat. If you have knee problems or simply have trouble bending, take comfort in knowing the engineers at Concept 2 are thinking of you. The seat height for the Model E is 20 inches in height, similar to most chairs. Sitting up higher off the ground is preferable, especially if you have trouble with mobility or are recuperating from an injury. The extra height provides a comfortable workout session with plenty of legroom and ease getting on and off the rowing machine.

Storage and Mobility

When you purchase the Model E you will note the quick-release frame lock, in other words, no tools required for storage. It is simple to separate the machine into two pieces for storage. Caster wheels enable you to roll the machine into your designated storage space. The Concept 2 Model E is pretty lightweight, quickly put it together when needed and roll it away when your workout is done.

Concept 2 Easily Folds Up Out Of The Way

So you got a smaller place, the Concept 2 doesn’t require a lot of space when it is put away. Engineered in two sections that pull apart using a safety release, the Concept 2 can be stored upright in two pieces. Depending on your living needs, this can be a huge space saver. The Concept 2 is lightweight and the front end with the flywheel comes with wheels for easy maneuvering.

Depending on your home furnishing and lifestyle, you can choose between grey or black as the color for your Concept 2. The picture above shows the grey and it compliments most home decor and blends in well with light colors. If you have a more industrial or modern look to your home, you may be happier with the black model of the Concept 2.

Strong Quality and Time Tested

I am sure you have done your research, anyone who works out on a Concept 2 will tell you the same, it works. Owners of the Concept 2 continue to praise the rowing machine, even after years of ownership, the strong quality parts keep working. Unlike all the plastic workout equipment being sold now, that eventually wear down and fall apart, the metal construction of the Concept 2 will keep you working out for many years to come. Concept 2 owners form a great community both online and offline, many who have been rowing for years continue to stay in shape and encourage others to try the Concept 2.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What color is the Concept 2 Row Machine?

Concept 2 comes in two colors, black or grey. The grey color fits in with most home decor, very light and out of sight. If you have a more modern or industrial home, you might be happier with the black color.

Is the seat on Concept 2 comfortable?

Yes, the seat is rather comfortable, on average a thirty-minute workout feels great. Not everyone is built the same, if this is the case, a gel pad is available to help cushion the seat for a more comfortable workout.

Does the Concept 2 make a lot of noise?

The Concept 2 row machine makes minimal noise, more of whooshing sound, similar to a fan. If there are people sleeping, they might just start dreaming of ocean waves, a very similar sound.

Can the Concept 2 be stored away?

Yes, the Concept 2 is engineered in two sections that come apart with a safety release. Both pieces fit together upright to provide a small footprint when storing. It is very lightweight and the front end comes with wheels for easy maneuvering.

Optional Accessories…

Remember how I said, not everyone is built the same? If you feel you will need a bit of extra cushioning when you sit do to injury or body composition, I strongly suggest you include a seat cushion designed to fit the Concept 2 rowing machine. Of course, you want a cushion that is machine washable and includes straps to help keep it in place. I have included a seat cushion below that includes thick memory foam to help keep you comfortable during your workouts.

Rowing Machine Seat Cushion for Concept 2
  • NEW 2K FIT CUSHION!! We took all the feedback from previous customers to perfect our design! Its the perfect solution to the concept 2's hard seat! Simply put the cushion on the seat and buckle the straps!
  • THICKER MEMORY FOAM that is almost 3 inches thick and compresses just the right amount- provides perfect comfort with medium foam density
  • SUPER NON-SLIP SURFACE WITH STRAPS- a high friction rubberized material that prevents the seat cushion from slipping off of the seat while rowing in addition to two Stretchy straps that buckle around the seat
  • MACHINE WASHABLE COVER WITH ZIPPER so that the cover comes off more easily and keeps the cushion clean after every use
  • DESIGNED BY COLLEGIATE DIVISION 1 ROWER who has competed against Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of Washington and won Eastern Sprints. The cushion allows for longer rowing sessions to maximize fitness and speed

Final Thoughts…

Ordering your rowing machine is a big step, I congratulate you for taking the initiative and most importantly for picking the best rowing machine, the Concept 2. Hands down the Concept 2 is solidly built, extremely well engineered and constructed with high-quality materials. This machine stands the test of time, if you have done your research, you have found happy Concept 2 owners around the world who say the same. Congratulations and enjoy your new Concept 2 rowing machine.

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