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Review: Torque Fitness Tank Sled

Your husband is into fitness…

He discovered CrossFit or perhaps has been an avid fitness guy his whole life. He seems to have all the weights and memberships he needs. So get him the Torque Fitness Tank Sled and completely wow him, give him an intense workout that will have him thanking you!

Let me tell you about the Torque Fitness Tank Sled

What is the Tank by Torque Fitness?

The Tank is a sled he can pull or push with wheels, that’s right, with wheels. This means your husband can push it back and forth, getting an intense workout, without ruining your lawn, scraping up your driveway or patio. No need to worry about having to buy more weights or have scrape marks that tear up your backyard.

Unlike other websites, we actually bought a Torque Fitness Tank and put it through some testing. You know what? WE LOVED IT!!

No Weights Required, Works Out Of The Box!

The Tank does not require extra weights to use, doodads or attachments. In fact, once assembled you can begin using it straight away. The resistance created by the internal mechanics is a bit of patented science that is pretty amazing. On the side of the gearbox, you will find a three-level lever that enables resistance to be felt without the need for additional weights to be placed on the sled. Unlike, traditional sleds, weights are optional and can be used but are not required.

The Tank works on a really simple premise, the harder you push, the greater the resistance, the harder you pull, you guessed it, the greater the resistance. It just doesn’t get easier than that.

Simple To Use, Oh So Effective…

You can both push and pull the tank using the comfort grips measure about shoulders width apart. Two towing loops are provided on both sides to use a harness to pull the tank to get more of a runner work out. Great for athletes who are looking to increase speed and leg strength. The towing loops are very versatile, you can also attach a rope to place the Tank on the far side of the yard and pull it toward you.

Let’s break down a few exercises we tried using the Torque Fitness Tank and the optional accessories below.

PUSHING: The challenge here is keeping your chest up and not letting your head drop. It starts out easily enough, hey you are just pushing right? About a third of the way, fatigue begins to set in and that endpoint seems miles away. Pushing is simple and effective, plus it does not require any special equipment to do.

STRAP ROW: Using the TRX straps, they easily hook on to the welded loops on the Tank. Standing with your arms extended, you want to get into a seated position to use your hips, arms and back to pull the Tank toward you. Then take a few steps back and repeat. It is critically important that you have the Tank set in one of the resistance modes, you do not want the Tank to come at you and slam into you.

HARNESS TOW: For you runners, this is a great way to build strength without putting major stress on your joints or putting weight on your back as in squats. With a comfortable weight harness, you can attach yourself to the tank and really work your power strides, pulling the Tank behind you. You can either put the Tank on easy for a more upright tow or crank the resistance to the max and slant yourself to really work your legs.

HARNESS BACKPEDAL: Ready to set your quads on fire? Hook yourself up to the Tank using your harness and tow the Tank in a backpedal. It is hard to stay in a seated position and backpedal, your body wants to go upright and your quads are begging you for some rest. Hamstrings and glutes are also activated as well as your calves. At least that’s what I felt…

Some optional items you might want to use with The Tank:

TRX Pulling Cables

TRX Pulling Cables: They hook right into the welded loops on either side of the Tank enabling you to pull the sled for a tremendous back workout. I personally like doing these on days when I want to take a break from bent over barbell rows. It enables me to feel resistance and get a work out on my back without the strain on my lower back.

Climbing Rope

Climbing Rope: Using a climbing rope can create an intense workout without putting too much strain on the lower back. Climbing ropes typically come with a looped end and carabiner that can hook on to the welded loops of the Tank. A simple workout would have you pushing the Tank down, walking back as rest and pulling the Tank back towards yourself, working the upper back, arms and forearms.

Fitness Sled Harness

Fitness Sled Harness: To build leg strength, you are going to want to use a sled harness. They comfortably slip on and secure with two straps. Once you have it on, you can attach yourself to the Tank using the loops on the vest located on the front or back. Depending if you wan to pull the sled to simulate running away or back pedaling, the fitness sled harness quickly becomes an intense work out for your legs.

The Tank Assembly…

Assembling the Torque Fitness Tank will require some patience, a few tools and possibly a friend. The Tank is delivered by a freight company on a pallet, so you will want to make some room for it in front of your house or driveway. The delivery company will need some space to use a forklift or hydraulic dolly to move it off the truck and on to your property.

Our delivery guy let us know he can only drop off on driveways but was kind enough to bring it all the way to the backyard. If you ask nicely, it goes a long way. The parts are rather large, so nothing small that will get lost. The hardest part is assembling the arms of the Tank or putting on the wheels, that required a little patience. You will need a friend as the parts and the Tank overall is a bit on the heavy side. That is about the only downside of this awesome piece of training equipment.

Moving the Tank…

Moving the Tank from one side of the yard to the other can be a bit tricky and require some upper body strength as the wheels are fixed and only go back and forth, they do not turn left or right. So you will have to lift and turn then push to get it in the right place or to put it away. Moving the tank could be considered a part of the workout, so I don’t see it as a downside. Similar to having to put weights on and off a bar, you have to expect to put a bit of work into any workout.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Are the tires on the tank air-filled or solid?

The tires are air-filled, they come pre-filled so you don’t have to worry about pumping them up. SO far, in our use, they have stood up to dirt, gravel, concrete, and blacktop. Weather-wise, it has been over 100+ degrees and the first set of hard freezes have started, no cracking or deflating of the tires.

Can High School level athletes use the Torque Tank Sled?

As with all training equipment, adult supervision and doctors ok is key, you got those two things and all should be ok. The important part is to never treat the Tank like a toy, no joy rides or slamming into things. It is made of metal and can cause serious injury if misused.

Do I need any special equipment or attachments?

Special equipment or attachments are not necessary to use the Tank straight out of the box, they considerably enhance your experience and training intensity. Probably the most use will come from TRX straps, a sled harness, and a climbing rope. Most home gym athletes do not have them in their homes, so you will need to order them.

The Tank by Torque Fitness
  • Adjustable and frictionless magnetic brake system that increases resistance with speed.
  • 3 Zones for Intensity Level: Speed Power, Acceleration Power, Explosive Power. Tow hook on each end.
  • Dual handles. Bi-directional resistance. 2 weight posts for Olympic plates to add traction to wheels
  • Optional Group Anchoring Station (GAS) interlocks on top of TANK for fitness accessory transport.
  • TANK Dimensions: 49.2"L x 31.9"W x 37.3"H (165 lbs). GAS Dimensions: 43" L x 21.9"W x 12"H (27 lbs)
9.5 Total Score
Built To Last!!!

The Tank by Torque Fitness is a unique and amazing piece of training equipment. You can be proud of it and it will kick your butt up and down, no question. The Tank is very versatile and can be used to warm up, as an intensive work out or to compliment and existing work out routine. The Tank is heavy and built with durability in mind. No doubt, you will use it and it will get you in great shape. You will quickly appreciate the wheels as they will not tear up your yard and can roll over just about anything. Don't think about it, just get it!

  • Heavy metal construction
  • Powder coated to prevent rust
  • Rubber handles
  • Two welded tow loops on each side
  • Three levels of intensity
  • Heavy, but you may like that!
  • Need a buddy to put together...
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