Everyone needs tools, you have to fix your car, make repairs to your home or garden and they are essential to just about everything we need to fix. From the simple screwdriver set to power tools like drills and chainsaws. Tools are an essential part of everyday life.

Here is a list of most popular tools to give as a gifts…

Power Drills

Do you need to make a hole? You need a power drill, that’s just the simple truth. Thanks to great quality and pricing, giving a power drill is a wonderful and affordable gift that will be handy and appreciated.

Circular Saws

Cutting shortboards and 2×4’s is amazingly easier with a circular saw. Not too long ago, people cut most boards by hand using a hand saw. A circular saw makes it much easier to cut through boards and speeds up projects. A great gift for the handyman in your life.

Miter Saws

Cutting in angles by hand is really hard, thanks to the Miter Saw, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. A miter saw does take a bit more space and requires a flat surface, like a workbench or the floor to use. When you need specific angles to be accurate, nothing beats a Miter Saw.

Table Saws

When cutting large pieces of wood, you absolutely need a table saw. Sure you can try to cut with a handheld tool, but the chances of making a mistake increase. If you need straight cuts when working with your projects, a table saw is an essential and indispensable tool to have.

Finish Nail Guns

Projects around the house sometimes need some nails to hold things together. That’s where a finish nail gun comes in handy! With a battery-powered nail gun, you can quickly shoot a couple nails into joints. Incredibly useful when used with projects that need that neat and clean look but still be strong and useful.

Benchtop Planers

A critical piece of equipment for any woodworker, a benchtop planer assures that wood is completely flat and void of warps. This, of course, is important for tabletops and other projects need flat surfaces. Sometimes wood will twist and warp, even minutes after bringing it home from the hardware store, a benchtop planer will straighten out the wood in seconds.

Handheld Routers

Get the perfect rounded corner and edge with a handheld router. Create different patterns for surface edges that give projects that professional look. Handheld routers are both affordable and easy to use. Easy to create holes for handles, grooves for cutting boards or rounded edges on tables. Awesome gift for any woodworking husband.

Orbit Sanders

Finishing off a project with a smooth finish is essential for staining, painting and avoiding splintering. An orbit sander makes quick work of uneven and rough patches on wood surfaces. Orbit sanders help prepare wood for staining and painting with a super soft and smooth surface.

Screwdriver Sets

Whether you are taking things apart or putting them together you will need a screwdriver. The question is will you have the right one when you need it? Is it the standard or Phillips? Maybe its that weird star one or the square one? Electronics come with different screws and you will need screwdrivers to help you get the job done.

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