Jobsite Headphones

Hearing loss is a real problem if you work in construction or other industrial jobs, you need Jobsite Headphones. Losing your hearing can be a problem when running gardening or power tools at home. Keeping your hearing for many years to come should be a priority. With new technology like Bluetooth and materials that block out noise, you can enjoy music, sports radio or answer a call with complete safety, all while protecting your hearing.

Top 10 Jobsite Headphones

Jobsite Headphone Features

Safety should always come first, but it doesn’t mean you can enjoy some of the latest technology while protecting your hearing. Whether it’s headphones, earbuds or over the ear hearing protection, most now come equipped with the ability to listen to music and take a call from your mobile phone. It all comes down to personal preference, whether you like inner ear placement using earbuds or having a heavy-duty over the ear headset.

Comfort: Long hours of work required comfortable long time wear.
Talk Time: Battery life is something to consider, look for 10+ hours.
Bluetooth: Connecting to your mobile device is a must.
Water Resistant: Sweat and or water-resistant is a great feature.
Noise Cancelling: Sound blocking is good, noise cancellation is great!



It provides great sound blocking but is a bit on the bulky side. If you need something that will withstand dropping and built to get knocked around, this may be your best option.


Lightweight for long workdays can provide hours of music while providing hearing protection. If you suffer from inner ear sensitivity, earbuds may not be your best option.

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